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Author Update: Mar. 2017

I decided to attempt a reboot for Purge and its series.

For the next few months, I will be editing and redesigning Purge (once again), and making it available on Amazon, both for ebook and physical. By editing and redesigning, I will be adding scenes, fixing plot errors that I never got over, and continuing the series. The Curse of Cain series will be (indefinitely, for now) an indie project, while The Curse of Shadows will continue to be my most recent brainchild. Also, I’ll be editing and publishing Lunacy as a standalone high fantasy novella. Petrify and The Curse of Shadows will have regular updates on Patreon (weekly). Want to be a beta reader? Be my patron! You can also receive ARCs, like for Purge, where you will receive free e-books near the release of each book. Novellas for the Curse of Cain series and excerpts of novels will be posted on Wattpad.

And that’s it for this recent update!

Have a great day!


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