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Dusting Off the Ole’ Patreon

Hi folks! Long time no see. When I first started on Patreon, I didn’t get too far (just one post and no rewards). Honestly, I forgot this place. But after a little bit of internet-surfing, I stumbled onto it again, remember that I really wanted to turn this into something (in the moment of creating this page), and decided to give it another gander.I will now attempt to post new (and probably raw) chapters every week of my current WIP, sneak-peeks, blog posts, discussions, polls, ARCs, and (when I get around to making them) physical copies of my novels. Now, until I hit it off on here, there probably won’t be physical copies. If you must know, I only have one finished, edited novel that sitting in my laptop’s archive, collecting dust. I do plan on dusting it off and making it available to those in the higher tiers, but it needs to be looked at again, polished, and added a few new scenes.

There is a lot of if’s. But we’ll see where we can go from here! For now, I’ll be posting weekly updates on my progress, making new chapters available, and polishing the novel.

Check out my Patreon page!


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