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SCHOOL’S OUT And Writing Updates

Hello! I’m so chipper today…because I’M DONE WITH SCHOOL FOR A MONTH. Which means…WRITING.

So, a few updates:

I’ve decided to just leave A Vampire’s Vengeance up on Wattpad and eventually Smashwords for free and to move on to other projects, so enjoy the free read.

Speaking of other projects…
curseofshadows.jpgThe Curse of Shadows’ first draft is finally going public on Wattpad. You can catch it here, where it will be free until I’ve edited, re-edited, revised, rewritten, and queried it to agents, which will be a year or two down the line.

Also, I’m getting a drawing tablet from my wonderful husband for Christmas, so when I finally get it, I’ll be drawing and posting a bunch of concept art of the story.

I’m just so excited to write and share and draw this story!

And that’s all for the update!



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