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An Update: A Vampire’s Vengeance and Website Makeover

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on making changes to not only my author blogging website but my one and only published book! Today, I’ve finalized those changes.

The website now looks different, containing different color and pattern themes. In the next few months, I will have new pages up (for what, that will be a secret).

For my book, I’ve made a few drastic changes. Those of you who have kept up with me for the last year or two will know about Purge – which is now called A Vampire’s Vengeance! I changed the name for two reasons. One, it fits more, and two, it’s no longer part of a series!

Why? You may ask.

After getting into Petrify (which was considered the second book of the series until today), I realized that Purge had nothing to do with the series I was trying to create. It was a companion novel at best. The only correlations are a few characters and that’s it. Realizing this, I made the decision to give Purge a new face because the old face no longer represented it correctly.

So here it is – A Vampire’s Vengeance.


beautiful woman with big red rose
Click on the image to go to Amazon!


Petrify will become the first book of the Curse of Cain series. A Vampire’s Vengeance, and those like it, will be companion novels to the Curse of Cain world.

Aside from that, I’m working on a novel called the Curse of Shadows, a dark, high fantasy that I plan on traditional publishing if I can help it!

More blog posts and updates will be coming in the following months!


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